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Wrinkle Solution

Age-Defying Moisturiser With Marine Collagen

Collagen-producing actives and pure botanicals accelerate visible skin renewal, targeting expression areas and lines to capture your youth.



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Our #1 step in your daily beauty routine to capture your youth. This unique concentration of trademarked actives works to target the key signs of ageing by increasing your natural collagen production. With each application, your skin feels younger at your fingertips.


What To Expect

  • Quick absorption and intense moisturisation
  • Stimulates your skin's natural collagen production
  • Overtime firmness and elasticity is restored
  • Wrinkles are dramatically reduced
  • Can be used right up to the eye 

Size 50mL

Marine Collagen Wrinkle Solution - I call it my Wake Up Younger Cream. I definitely have firmer, toned and fresh and radiant looking skin in the morning This makes me very happy as all this has been achieved while I am sleeping. WOW!!

Paivi McIntosh

I love this Anti-Wrinkle cream !!! I get so many comments about my skin and asked what have i had done and i just laugh and show them my miracle bottle. Now my partner asks me to order it for him!

Julie Hunter Melbourn

This stuff is simply delicious on the skin! I use it as a moisturiser, not just around the wrinkly bits, or potentially wrinkly bits! It's delightful, it's like silk, it's light and fresh and dreamy. Love it.

Deanna Roberts Melb

As Deanna has said it is simply delicious, I love the fragrance of it, it reminds me of citrous. It is very good for those fine lines around the eyes. I simply love it and you use so little

Margaret Odelein Saskatchewan, Canada

Put the Wrinkle Solution Marine Collagen on at night and bit by bit watch your face lose those wrinkles. This is the best.....just magicalI said to my Son.....its so sad that my friends are going to look older and I'm going to look younger from this.....He said your friends are going to want what you have, so get ready for it....!It just takes those wrinkles off. Marvelous!


Before I began using any Grace products my skin on my face was crepey, now since I have been applying Infiniti Marine Collagen my face has that fuller and healthy texture.

Janine Watson Melbourne

I have used the Eye Gel for many years it to is lovely I do have very sensitve eyes having trialed the Infiniti Marine Collagen for the fisrt time Woo!!! Truely Instant results .Yet again Thank You Pro-Ma

Nina Miller Dunedin /Otago/ New Zealand

This is a fantastic firming moisturizer. Feels really light when applied but also very hydrating and within a few days my skin started to feel firmer.

Kathy Potts Adelaide

I truly love all of Grace products.My skin feels wonderful.I was told just recently that I looked 45,& I am 67,so I know the Grace is working for me.thanku

june Richards Denmark/australia

I love the infiniti marine collagen for night i use it every night do not miss one night putting it on i have just been using it for two weeks i can see that my lines are less i wake up every morning with a fresh soft younger looking skin and healthy texture. i will never stop using it. Elisa from WA.Perth Ballajura. Distributor.

Elisa ballajura

The benefits listed about this amazing moisture cream states it penetrates immediately and delivers "intense" moisturization and those words are so true!! I use it every day even in the cold winters in Canada and my skin always retains a high moisture level which is so important for healthy skin. You can feel it working immediately to firm up your skin and wrinkles seem to just disappear. An amazing product to use every day!! Love it!!!

Trish Demmers Kelowna, BC, Canada

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