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Infiniti Beauty Fluids

An Advanced Daily Skin-Correcting Serum

Fast-acting AHAs and powerful anti-ageing botanicals stimulate the skin by encouraging natural exfoliation and cell renewal.



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Tell Me More

For the perfect skin you've been looking for, this resurfacing serum can be worked right up to under the eye to improve skin texture and normalise skin tone. Powerful, anti-ageing botanicals, including fruit derived AHAs, slowly dissolve dead skin cells and activate the skin's regeneration process.

Overtime hyperpigmentation is lightened, lines are smoothed away and a radiant glow revealed.


What To Expect

  • LIGHTENS pigmentation and age spots
  • RENEWS with a mild peel to reveal softer skin
  • COMBATS wrinkles and surface lines 

Size 30mL

This lovely little bottle of sunshine saved my skin. I first started using Grace in 2003 - this was part of the regime and turned red-faced, spider lines and bumpy craters into smooth and sexy :)

Deanna Melb

This is the best AHA product on the market today! Not only does it do everything it says it will (and I am proof of that) it also stops cold sores in it's track - no pain, no ugly sore and no scabbing!! Fabulous!

Trish Demmers Kelowna, BC, Canada

I use this product every day, for me this is the product that makes my skin glow and makes me look younger

Margaret Odelein Saskatchewan, Canada

I use this product twice daily and is the reason my skin feels so smooth and I have no redness. LOVE it!

Emma Rose Queensland

I love using Infiniti Beauty Fluids because it keeps the wrinkles away and has my skin feeling as smooth as silk.

Julie St Clair Melbourne

Absolutely love Beauty Fluids! It makes my skin feel so smooth and in appearance it glows and radiates. It gives a clear overall complexion and even skin tone. Best product!

Jasmin Tang Queensland

Liquid Gold! Can't go a day without it.

Jane Anderson Melbourne

My favourite product by a long way. Clears up blemishes and sun damage and scar tissue, keeps my skin feeling great every day.

Ita Gilsenan Perth WA

I have been using this great product since in came it to the skin care range. It heals in every way and is the best anti ageing product on the market anywhere. It maintains a smooth complexion removes dead skin cells and nourishes the skin from the inside out. I have used it on scar tissue after surgery for my husband and today no scar tissue visiable on his face I would advise everyone without hesitation to add this wonderful product to their skin care regime, and watch the magic on your skin.

Ita Gilsenan Western Australia

This product should be used by every person, regardless of age. And yes, even men. I've been using it half my life, and it's helped me retain a youthful, glowing, and healthy completion even now I'm in my 80's. It's part of my happy life of enjoying all Grace Cosmetics.

Lucille Flint (Luci) Utah via Dallas, Texas

I have a lot of trust in Grace products so I felt more confident to try something new. I found Grace products very gentle & yet extremely effective when exfoliating at a deeper level. Although I’m still a bit of a beginner when it comes to chemical exfoliation, I liked how simple and easy these products are to use and incorporate into my weekly routine.

Rebekah W Brisbane, Queensland

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