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Reverse Wrinkle Serum

Accelerates Collagen Production & Cell Renewal

This daily ultra-light serum enriched with potent trademarked actives, reveals a firmer, illuminated appearance, reducing all the key signs of ageing.



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Our advanced concentration of age-defying actives and potent botanicals work to reinvent your beauty and activate your youth. This ultra-light, milky serum will reveal a smoother, more radiant, younger look by dramatically reducing wrinkle surface by up to 51%. You will enjoy a noticeable difference from the very first application.

What To Expect

  • A concentration of Vitamins A, C & E accelerate collagen production
  • Trademarked actives reveal a firmer, more illuminated appearance
  • Slows down the visible signs of ageing
  • Reduces wrinkle surface by up to 51%
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation
  • Helps protect from UVB damage while neutralising free radicals
  • Can be used right up to the eye

Size: 30mL

I have never spent so much time in front of the mirror as I have in the last few days. I can't believe what I see. A week ago I was seriously considering having an eye lift and had even spoken to a specialist about having it done. With the launch of the new anti-aging products this is now no longer a consideration. The transformation of my skin over the past 6 days is amazing. I especially love the Serum or maybe its the mask or the moisturiser...thank you Grace Cosmetics.

Sandy Overend Melbourne

i have been using this product along with the other Platinum products for nearly 1 week now and 'WOW!'. My skin looks and feels great. I check my skin, particularly around my eye area and I can notice the dramatic difference since using these products. The lines have diminished and the puffiness each morning around my eyes has decreased. I love these products....they are amazing!

Selena U'Brien Newcastle

I have been using this product for less than a week and I Cannot believe the difference the Wrinkle serum has made around my eyes. This product is amazing.

Jan Andretzke Truro SA

Oh my gosh I am in awe of not only this product but all three. The lines around my eyes and lips have improved beyond belief and my skin is so smooth and full. I think the products should be called Gold instead of Platinum. And this is just after one week.

Susan Bosnjak Melbourne

Wow - I noticed a visibile difference after only 30 minutes - and that has continued. Last night I was at a meeting and a friend came up after the meeting and said you either had a fantastic holiday last week or you have a new product!!!! She commented on the reduced lines, the skin looking more moist and clear. I'm preparing a photo diary to share with everyone.

Chris Bennett Hobart

This serum is really working! I have noticed around my eyes, the colour and firmness has improved greatly. It makes my skin look so smooth.

Angela Frost Newcastle

WOW, WOW, WOW! This serum is absolutely fantastic. I am in my early 20's and thought to try out this new serum. Even though I didn't feel the urgency to use this product immediately, I thought to try out the feel of this product to be able to recommend to my clients. Previous to using this my skin was already looking good from using the Grace range. However, by adding this serum in, my skin is glowing and radiating even more! After the first application, I was in love. Not only is it beautiful and silky on the skin, but I have already seen a difference in my skin after applying it 3 times! You can feel your muscles tightening and lifting. I have also been combining this with the new anti-aging moisturiser which is another one of my loves! This is such a Brilliant product. If you are considering getting surgery- you will find th

Jasmin Tang Brisbane

Love what the Platinum products have done for my skin,since I started using the products 2 weeks ago my skin is smoother and clearer especially the skin around my eyes which is much tighter and lighter, I couldn't be happier...

Sylvaine Moses Melbourne

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