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Aloe Moist Dew

Soft, Lightweight Moisturising Cream

A light, oil-free moisturising cream that goes on silky smooth, without the extra shine, for a healthier looking complexion.

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Immediately see a fresh vitality with this lightweight, oil-free daily moisturiser. It provides enough hydration for dewy, healthy glow without any excess shine. Potent Aloe Vera & Vitamins A, B5 & E work together to deliver silky moisture, without over nourishing. 


What To Expect

  • Lightweight & non-greasy
  • Oil-free
  • Can be used right up to the eye
  • Gives skin an even-toned glow
  • Provides moisture without over nourishing

Size 100mL

Being a guy this is my favorite Grace product amazingly. Yes it is really a moisturizer but it does so much more. I was introduced to it by way of a bad burn blister on the back of my hand, that I'd had for a week. At a conference a lady saw it, grabbed my hand and plonked this stuff on it. Whats that? I said Never you mind , see me at break, lunch and afternoon tea she said,. By 3 pm that day I could visibly see healing going on and no more irritating minor pain. I have never traveled with out it since. paper cuts, knife cuts, sunburn, bruises, first action is always the moist dew because of the aloe, almost instant pain reduction and antisepsis. This is one product I would take with me to a desert island as an almost universal first aid kit.

Trevor Willmot Auckland N.Z.

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